Special Offers

Clear Braces

Consultation 20 minutes – free of charge

Free orthodontic assessment for the use of clear braces to straighten teeth and improve your smile aesthetically and also making your teeth easier to clean

Complimentary Implant/Cosmetic Consultation

20 minute complimentary Cosmetic or Implant consultation.

This appointment allows both dentist and patient an opportunity to discuss in broad terms what treatment may be possible, what outcomes are desirable, likely timescales and fees etc. There is no obligation to move forward with any treatment discussed.


Professional Home Whitening £225* (*offer price…normally £325)

This offer is available to all; you don’t have to be a Lightwood Dental Care patient to apply!

Our bespoke Home Whitening programme includes a patented whitening kit, custom made upper and lower trays, an assessment by the dentist to ensure your suitability for tooth whitening, and guidance on how to use your trays comfortably at home.

Also, we frequently offer of a course of professional home whitening bundled with a Sonicare toothbrush, the ultimate maintenance solution for your newly-whitened smile!

Did you know that hygienist appointments for stain removal are now available by “direct access”. This means you don’t have to necessarily ‘see a dentist’ first. Just ask for a hygienist appointment.