Protecting Your Personal Data

Dear Patients

As you will have seen from our News item ‘The reopening of Lightwood Dental Care – A new look to your dental visits… ‘ we are having to make some operational changes to the way in which we deliver our services. The safety and wellbeing of you and our staff are, and always will be, of the greatest importance to us.

In order to deliver safe and effective dental care, we need to be certain that you consent to visit our practice during the ongoing pandemic and understand the possible implications. We must be able to document this consent process, so we are encouraging patients wherever possible to return their completed consent forms and medical history forms to us electronically via email. This will help us reduce the time you spend within the practice.

Your medical questionnaire is highly confidential, so it is important that any information you do send us is handled appropriately. Therefore, with data protection in mind, we are directing patients to use Sendinc email in order to return their personal documents to us.

The process is very simple and straightforward:

  1. Visit our website at (your currently on this page)
  2. Download and save the pdf files Medical History Form (pdf) and COVID 19 Consent Form (pdf)
  3. Open the files using Adobe Reader, complete using the ‘Tools’ functions, then save the completed files to your computer.
  4. Alternatively, download and print the pdf files Medical History Form (pdf) and COVID 19 Consent Form (pdf), complete and sign both of the forms and scan the completed forms to save them to your PC.
  5. Visit and click ‘Create my free account
  6. Enter your email address and set up a password
  7. You will then see the ‘Compose Secure Message‘ page
  8. Add as the recipient
  9. In the Subject panel type ‘Med Forms
  10. At the bottom right click the ‘Attach Files‘ button and attach your completed scanned forms.
  11. Add a brief message if you wish.
  12. Click ‘Send Secure

If, for whatever reason you prefer the traditional paper forms, you still have that option. We can post them to you for you to complete and return to us, either by post or by hand. It is worth noting however that currently, the postal service has been disrupted by COVID 19 also and no guarantee of delivery can be made.

It is vitally important that we receive your documentation well in advance of your appointment so we can confirm your consent, review your health status, and plan your treatment accordingly. Unfortunately, if we do not receive this information in time it could lead to your appointment having to be rescheduled.

Kind Regards
Dr. Tony Cowan & Dr. Neil Austin