We do our utmost to identify our patient’s needs. Every member of our team do their best to ensure that each patient is cared for in a professional, caring and understanding manner. Please click on the boxes below to learn more about our values.

  • Quality

    At Lightwood Dental Care we have a policy of continual improvement. We employ the latest techniques, use the most up to date materials and equipment and maintain the education of our dentists, hygienists and support staff via Continual Professional Development courses and training days, as stipulated by The General Dental Council.

  • Technology

    As dentistry is becoming more and more advanced, we feel that the ability to employ magnification when treating patients is vital. Magnification, in the form of ‘loupes’ (which are specialised optics attached to the dentists or hygienists glasses) is very effective in detecting minute areas of decay and cracks and to improve the accuracy of a filling for example. Because we can work more accurately, this limits the amount of tooth preparation required and therefore keeps fillings, etc as small as possible.

    In our hygiene department we have invested in ‘Digital Periodontal Assessment-DPA’, an American technology that allows the consistently accurate measurement of gum conditions. DPA takes the guesswork out of treating gum conditions and enables us to direct the most effective treatment to the areas that need it most.

    The practice is also proud to offer ‘Cerec’ single visit crown technology that provides for accurate, metal-free, lifelike restorations without impressions or temporaries! See our Cerec section for more details.

    Bicon is the system we employ for the placement of single tooth or multiple tooth implants. Bicon’s unique dental implants and revolutionary clinical techniques have passed the test of time and continues to lead implant dentistry. See our Implants section for more information.

    Invisible Braces are available in the practice for those patients who would prefer to have straighter teeth but without the need for visible wires and bands. Patients also find invisible braces more convenient as, for example, you can remove them to allow toothbrushing, etc.

    See our section on Invisible Braces for further details.

  • Prevention

    This is the most important area for patients within the practice. We actively encourage the prevention not only tooth decay, gum disease and mouth cancer but associated conditions such as heart disease and strokes. We have our own dedicated PDU (Preventive Dental Unit) and qualified Dental Health Educator.

  • Continuity

    The practice philosophy is one of continuity. Being seen by a different dentist at each visit can be a little off putting, this is why every patient is seen by the same dentist or hygienist for each appointment. We know that some of our patients can get a little nervous, so to see the same friendly faces of our support staff can be very reassuring. Of our present staff, three have been with us for over 20 years, two over 15 years and another two over 10 years!

  • Convenience

    We are located just off the market place in Buxton where there is plenty of public car parking available. The Market Place is also central for the majority of bus routes. At the practice we also have our own small car park.

    We offer late night and early morning appointments.

    As a courtesy to our patients who like to have the convenience of reminders, we can confirm appointment booked times by text a couple of days before.

  • Comfort

    The practice is air conditioned throughout and has a cosy patient lounge with television, reading materials and comfy seats! For those who need to catch up on some business or just to send some emails we have free WiFi , and if refreshments are required then we have complimentary Nespresso coffee, tea and chilled drinks (including mineral water, juices and smoothies).

    Our stylish patient bathroom has free disposable toothbrushes and toothpaste for anyone who would prefer to freshen up before (or after) their appointment.

    Within the surgeries, patients are offered the choice of music and for our younger visitors we can play BBC Children’s TV.

  • Nervous Patients

    We pride ourselves in dealing with nervous patients. Everyone has different fears and concerns. Therefore we listen to and try to understand their worries and tailor their treatment according to their needs and wishes. Our experience in treating anxious patients has spanned several decades and uses reliable methods developed to encourage patients to accept routine treatment. We adapt to the patients own wishes by explaining everything (and in our experience this takes out the ‘fear of the unknown’ from the situation) or, if the patient wishes, limit what we say.

    Having a patient feel in control plays an important role in reducing anxiety. We encourage our patients work with us to enable them to receive any treatment they may need in comfort.

    We employ numerous ways of keeping patients calm; too many to list here, but suffice to say ALL of our staff do their utmost to help.

  • Disabled Facilities

    The practice has a fully fitted dedicated surgery located on the ground floor for patients in wheelchairs or those who would find stairs difficult. Access to the surgery is readily available via the practice car park. If a disabled patient with their vehicle is expected, we ensure our car park is accessible for the appointment to ensure convenient access.

  • Our existing patients

    We consider our present patients as friends as they are responsible for the vast majority of our recommendations. This is why 95% of our new patients are referrals from existing patients. Providing the care and service that develops this trust is the foundation of our practice.

  • Our community

    All of our staff are proud to have represented the practice in numerous (and often tiring!) fund raising events. Over the past few years these have included Buxton Community School, Blythe House Hospice, Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Clic Sargent, Brains Trust and Macmillan Cancer Support.